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Parliament House Solar Power Project

Solar Power on Parliament House

The Parliament House Solar Project

Todae Solar was selected with Silex Solar by the Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) to install solar panels at the Australian Parliament House in Canberra. The chosen solar system was a 43kW split solution to be installed on the roofs of the Senate wing and the Gardener's compound. Todae Solar in conjunction with Silex Solar set out to complete a site-specific engineered and integrated installation.

Todae Solar has received two prestigious awards for our Parliament House Installation - The Clean Energy Council's Best Installation Above 10kW's 2012 and the Department of Parliamentary Services Excellence Rating in the Contractor Performance Report. See more here. Todae Solar also received a 2nd consecutive Clean Energy Council Award in 2013 for Hindmarsh Retirement.

System Facts

  • 43.3 kW system.
  • 65,500 kW per year.
  • 64 tonnes of CO2 avoidable per year
  • Visible from the flagpole public area
  • 25 year panel warranty

The Solution

The "Solar Panels - Roof Top Pilot" Project was presented by DPS as a very high-profile project due to its inherent nature and location. Todae Solar was faced with a number of challenges which were true reflections of the prestige and uniqueness of the site. Structural engineering certifications, wind loading analysis, roof load bearing calculations, architectural and heritage integrity of the iconic Australian landmark were essential aspects of the solution.

Todae Solar's designers and engineers were able to design the optimum solution taking into consideration performance, design consistency, ease of maintenance, building integration and aesthetics. The solution is made of Silex Solar Australian made panels, Clenergy mounting systems, and SMA inverters. The system was designed, installed and commissioned nine weeks after contract signature. The 43.3kW capacity was delivered as a combination of two systems - 7.77kW on the roof of the Gardeners' compound and 35.52kW on the roof of the Senate wing.

The Benefits

Benefits of Parliament House Solar PowerThe objective of the pilot is to study the issues associated with the integration of photovoltaic power generation into the building's existing infrastructure and to demonstrate the performance of the pilot to building occupants.

The 43kW system will abate around 64 tonnes of carbon emissions annually. Not only will the system have a significant impact in carbon reduction but the pilot system will serve as a study into the ability of solar power to subsidise the electricity needs of Parliament House.

The Technology & System Design

  • Solar Panels: 234 Australian made Silex Solar 185W Monocrystalline Panels
  • Inverters: 5 SMA Tripower STP10000-TL inverters
  • Mounting System: Clenergy ezRack SolarRoof and SolarMatrix Pro
  • Project Manager: Todae Solar
  • System Designer: Todae Solar

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