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    As one of Australia's most trustedsolar installers, Todae Solar offers industry leading solar technology to ensure the highest performance that gives you peace of mind on the longevity of your system, with the best quality components. Our solar technology features:

    1. The world's leading R&D to ensure the highest system output.

    2. Comprehensive, industry leading warranties that are handled in Australia.

    3. Proven reliability for Australian conditions.

    4. Highest quality materials and manufacture for industry leading performance.

    With our range of leading solar components you can rest assured your solar system will be producing solar energy for many years to come. We are experts in selecting the best solar components to maximise the return you get from your solar system by ensuring the highest output. We have direct relationships with the world's best Tier 1 component manufacturers, which we have intensively researched and selected to make sure that you receive the best quality solar system. Our solar panels are manufactured by the world's leading brands, so you can rest assured that your panels will last. In addition, all our solar panels come with leading warranties up to 25 years.

    Solar Panel Guide

    Solar Panel Guide Solar Power is light or heat that comes from the sun. When this light or heat shines on solar panels, it generates solar electricity. Systems that turn sunlight into electricity are called Photovoltaic Systems.

    Photovoltaic cells are often referred to as PV cells or solar cells. All solar cells are cut from silicon and convert the suns energy into usable electricity. It is clean, pollution free and inexhaustible.

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    Solar Panel Types

    A solar panel is a series of individual solar cells connected together to make up one large solar panel. Each cell is typically made from silicone which turns the UV light into electricity. Solar panels usually have toughened glass covering the solar cells to protect them from.

    There are 3 main types of solar panels:

    1. Monocrystalline Solar Panels

    2. Polycrystalline Solar Panels

    3. Amorphous Solar Panels


    Solar Panel Brands


    Canadian Solar Panels

    Canadian Solar Panels - Canadian Solar was one of the world's top 5 global module suppliers in 2011, which is testament to the vast industry experience and high quality modules they produce. Canadian Solar is a Tier 1 solar panel manufacturere with an unwavering commitment to value and quality. Canadian Solar has vertically integrated operations to ensure the highest quality raw materials produce the highest quality solar panels.


    Suntech Solar Panels - Suntech is the world's largest manufacturer of solar panels using technology that was developed at UNSW. Suntech solar panels offer reliable power and lasting performance. With leading technology, Suntech modules are specially engineered to help harness more of the sun's power today - and tomorrow.


    Trina Solar Panels - Trina Solar is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar panels incorporating its unique vertically integrated technology, Trina Solar produces almost all elements comprised in the manufacturing process. Founded in 1997 and listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Trina Solar provides high quality components at very competitive prices.


      We only use the most trusted inverters in the world. Our inverters are the highest quality on the market and provide industry leading efficiency. Featuring years of R&D and testing, our inverters ensure your system performs to its maximum:


      SMA - The best quality and most efficient inverters produced by the world's leading inverter manufacturer in Germany.


      Growatt Inverters

      Growatt - With a focus on R&D, Growatt has a range of high performance and competitive solar inverters designed for residential solar installations. Some of Growatt's inverters received 97.8% efficiency in PHOTON testing, which is one of the key reasons that has led Growatt to become the No. 1 inverter exporter in China.


      Samil - Samil Power has 5 main branches located in Germany and China. In June 2011, Samil Power Inverter got the highest Grade (A) in Photon test. With impressive efficiency up to 97.6%, SR series string inverters are not only with high cost-effective, but also modern appearance.


      Fronius - Fronius produce state-of-the-art technology in high-performance and efficient inverters perfect for domestic installations, manufactured in Austria

      Balance of System Components:

      Todae Solar uses the highest quality balance of system components including electrical wiring and mounting equipment supplied from the world's leading manufacturers. You can be assured that with our quality components your system will operate at its optimum with enhanced longevity.

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