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Solar Power for Homes 5kw Solar Power SystemTodae are specialists in 5kW and larger Home Solar Power installations. Our 5kW Solar Power Installation can generate most of your household electricty needs, saving you money and energy.


Benefits of a 5kw Solar Power System

A 5kW Solar Power Installation generates about 100% of an average household's electricity requirements. This size system can dramatically decrease your electricity bill and in some case, completely eliminate it. 

Combined with the Solar Feed-in Tariff and Solar Credit Scheme a 5kW Solar Power Installation is a smart financial investment. System payback is as little as 4 years and while energy prices rise, yours will stay the same. There is no maintenance or on-going costs - solar panels are guaranteed to last 25 years and expected to last for 40.

Not only does a solar system add value to your home, but you also have your own clean, green and free solar station that will help reduce your carbon footprint and fight global warming.

You also have the opportunity to increase the size of your system at any time to tailor your household electricity needs.

A 5kW solar system will make the average household almost energy independent from the power grid.

Recent Solar Projects

Todae are solar power specialists, view our recent solar projects here:

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5kW Solar System Price

The pricing for this 5kW Solar Installation depends on a number of factors such as:

• Components utilised
• Roof structure and height
• Location of the installation and
• Eligibility of the Solar Rebate

Solar System Components Picture

Our 5kW Solar Power Installation uses only the highest quality Solar Panels and components. Todae believes that using trusted brands that have a proven track record of quality and longevity outweigh the small savings achieved on lower quality components.

Solar Panels
For your 5kW system, our expert solar team will work with you to provide the best solar technology options for your home. We provide the world's leading brands including: Canadian Solar, Trina and Suntech. All our solar panels come with 25 year warranties.

Click here for more information on our Solar Panels

Grid Connect Inverter:
Todae Solar predominantly uses Grid Connect Inverters which are widely regarded as the highest quality Inverters available, as well as providing high levels of flexibility to ensure to optimum output from your Solar Panels.

Framing & Mounting Equipment:
Todae Solar uses the highest quality cyclone-proof framing and mounting systems so your Solar Panels remain safe on your roof for the 25-40 year life of the panels.

Electrical Components:
We only use the highest quality electrical components and wiring, such as Clipsal Circuit Breakers, to ensure the safe performance of your Solar Installation.

The three main factors underpinning our installations are:

• Quality
• Safety
• Performance Reliability

We only use fully accredited CEC (Clean Energy Council) Installers for all our projects. Our Installers have a minimum of 3 years installation experience, although most of our Installers have 10 years plus experience.

Extra time is spent ensuring that components are installed properly and securely and that attention is paid to the aesthetics of components and cabling.

Most of our installers are also licensed to install and upgrade electricity meters, which means the person installing your system will be there to see the entire project through from start to finish; giving you piece of mind.


Why Todae?

Todae have been installing solar power systems Australia-wide since 2003.Picture The Todae Solar Team is made up of fully accredited CEC installers and solar experts to offer you peace of mind and Australia’s leading service. Along with our highly trained staff, we only use the best quality components to make sure your solar power system is a lasting investment. Our aim is to take the hassle out of installing solar power and make sure you are 100% satisfied – so you can rest assured we make solar power easy.


"We feel the benefits justify the cost and it will reduce your bills. And when electricity prices start to spiral upwards, you'll be glad you went through with it."
- Damon Sharwood and Miriam Belnick - Woollahra, Sydney


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