Todae Solar Commercial Solar Installation
Client: Tacca Plastics

System Size: 700kW

Approximate Yearly Output: 271,000kWh

Approximate Bill Coverage: 35%

Tacca Industries was established in 1987 and is one of Australia’s largest privately owned Thermoforming (plastics) companies. Tacca Industries’ energy profile made it well-suited for solar as their machinery demand high energy use during the day. Todae Solar installed a 200kW commercial solar system at Tacca Plastics in Moorebank, NSW in 2013. With the help of government funding, the company was able to install a solar system to reduce their electricity costs. Todae Solar’s award-winning engineers used all the available roof space to maximise the energy output from their system.

Todae Solar adapted to these conditions while minimising disruption to staff, customers and daily business operations. After the Installation of the 200kW system, they decided to expand their existing system with the installation of another 500kW in 2017 on the Moorebank site.

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