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  • Energy savings from solar can provide significant operating cost reductions to improve your bottom line.
  • Poultry businesses have loads that are well suited to daytime energy generation from solar.
  • Reduce the impact of future energy price rises by controlling a large portion of your energy costs with solar.
  • Solar can turn vacant or unused land into a revenue generating asset.
  • Solar improves the environmental credentials of your business to make your products more attractive to retailers and consumers.

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Why Todae Solar for Poultry Farmers

Todae Solar is Australia’s #1 commercial solar installer and since 2003 has helped dozens of leading poultry organisations take advantage of solar.* We understand the requirements and challenges of installing solar on land adjacent to poultry sheds or on top of them, without impacting daily operations. Todae Solar has installed solar for poultry organisations across the country, including Pace Farm, Pirovic, McLean Farms, Doug Hall Poultry and many more. Our unrivalled experience in the agribusiness industry enables us to both provide in-depth insights into how your organisation can benefit from solar, as well as minimise any impact on your operations during the installation process. Contact us for a free consultation and feasibility study and see how we can help you join the numerous other poultry farmers around Australia who are benefitting from solar.

Solar Finance Options for Poultry Farmers

Todae Solar offers a range of solar financing options to provide your organisation with the best solution for your business requirements. Our consultants will work with you to help determine the right finance solution for you.
No Upfront Costs
  • Only pay for the solar energy used
  • Discounted rate compared to grid tariff
  • Fixed term between 10 – 20 years
  • All O&M and insurance is included in the tariff
Limited Upfront Costs
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Potentially cashflow positive from Q1
  • Fixed term
  • Own the system after the term
Greatest Savings
  • No ongoing payments
  • Payback between 3 – 6 years
  • Immediate ownership of system
  • Solar panels guaranteed for 25 years

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Why Contact Todae Solar?

  • No Obligation Consultation

    We'll provide you with an easy to understand business case and quote
  • Unrivalled Experience

    Since 2003, we've helped hundreds of businesses take advantage of solar
  • We're the #1

    Todae Solar is the #1 commercial solar installer nationally
  • One Business Day Response

    We will contact you within one business day of your enquiry
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