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Renewable Energy Standing Firm during Heatwave

With the recent news that January was one of the hottest months ever recorded in Australia, it’s no surprise that there’s been enormous pressure on the grid to provide consistent, reliable energy. The Bureau of Meteorology on Friday reported that Australia experienced its hottest...
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Todae Solar Volunteers at the Loaves and Fishes Restaurant

The Project Development team at Todae Solar recently volunteered at the Exodus Foundation to prepare and serve lunch for over 300 of the charity’s patrons. The Exodus Foundation offers food services, healthcare, social health & outreach programs and arts & activities. As...
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Australian Poultry Industry Enjoying the Benefits of Commercial Solar Energy

In late 2017, Australia’s #1 commercial solar installer, Todae Solar, completed a 320kW rooftop solar system for Pace Farm at its Minchinbury site. The installation is in addition to the 3.5MW of solar panels Todae Solar has previously installed for poultry farms across...
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Todae Solar Enhances Leading Australian Commercial Solar Position with Investment from Sunseap*

Sunseap Group, Southeast Asia’s leading sustainable energy provider, has acquired a minority stake in Todae Solar, one of Australia’s largest solar commercial and industrial engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) companies*. The strategic partnership will provide further...
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The Verdict is in: Renewables are the Cheapest Source of New-Build Energy

Renewables will soon overtake coal as the cheapest form of energy generation in Australia according to a recent study from CSIRO and the energy market operator. Although existing fossil fuel plants still provide cheap power when ignoring the sunk cost of building them, investing...
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The Journey to Becoming Australia’s Number One Commercial Solar Installer

Todae Solar has become a multi-award winning solar installer with an impressive client portfolio and an unwavering commitment to quality, with 2018 being its 15th year in operation. With over 90MW of commercial solar power installed nationally and some of Australia’s largest MW...
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Australian Rooftop Solar Up 33% Over Past Year

According to the Solar Trends Report released by the Australian PV Institute, rooftop solar PV has increased by around 33% over the past year, and could provide up to 14% of the grid’s electricity by 2023. The reasons for the increase have been attributed to a surge in businesses...
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Australia on Track to Achieve 78% Renewable Energy Generation by 2030, According to Recent Report

Based on current projections, Labor’s proposed 50% commitment to renewable energy could turn out to be unambitious. Green Energy Markets’ latest Renewable Energy Index claims that if renewables continue to be deployed at the rate since 2017, Australia would be on track to...
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Will Recent News Put an End to Government’s Alleged Support for Coal?

Recent news brings into question how much longer the current government’s alleged affinity for coal will remain a feasible position. The Clean Energy Council has criticised the government’s recent consultation paper on Underwriting New Generation Investments on a number of...
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How the Manufacturing Sector is Reducing Electricity Bills by up to 60% with Solar Energy

Due to high daytime electricity use and rising energy costs, the manufacturing sector has been increasingly seeking solar solutions to reduce their energy bills. Previous customers have overwhelmingly cited reducing electricity bills as the primary reason for seeking solar energy...
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An Alternative to Battery Storage? Recent Study Suggests Solution to “Duck Curve”

A recent article posted on RenewEconomy suggests that there may be an alternative to battery storage, in order to deal with the so-called “duck curve”. The duck curve represents grid electricity demand in relation to solar energy. Demand increases gradually early in the morning...
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Australia’s Largest Single Rooftop Solar System Completed for Primo Foods – 3.2MW**

Comment are off
Australian food manufacturer Primo Foods (formerly Primo Smallgoods) has recently completed the largest single rooftop solar installation, 3.2MW, at its processing plant in Wacol, Queensland, as verified by The Australian Financial Review**. This system was installed ...
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Australian Companies Consider Joining RE100

38 Australian companies sat down in Sydney last week to consider participation in the RE100, a group which commits to sourcing 100% of operational energy from renewable sources. The group currently has 154 members, almost three quarters of whom have operations in Australia, and...
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Government U-Turns on SRES (Small Scale Solar Rebate)

Finally some good news for the solar industry; despite earlier promises to implement the ACCC’s recommendations on scrapping the small-scale renewable energy scheme (SRES), energy minister Angus Taylor announced yesterday that there are “no plans to change the SRES” in an...
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Australia Could Become One of the First Countries to Hit Solar Peak

Australia’s success in solar uptake could become its downfall, as it is set to become one of the first countries in the world to hit solar peak, according to Fairfax Media who interviewed director of EnergyAustralia Mark Collette. The rapid adoption of solar in Australia is...
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Preparing for a Post 2020 Commercial Solar Landscape

What will the commercial solar landscape look like post 2020? What are the main drivers in Australia to motivate organisations’ uptake of solar energy? Danin Kahn, CEO of Todae Solar spoke at All Energy last week to address these questions, to a room full of industry players...
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Charles Sturt University Adds a Further 2.6MW to its Solar Energy Capacity

Through determination to further reduce its carbon footprint, Charles Sturt University has recently started construction on the second stage of its commercial solar system with Todae Solar. The system provides 2.6MW of renewable energy across several campuses, including Albury,...
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CEO of Todae Solar to Speak at All-Energy Australia 2018

Todae Solar is pleased to announce CEO Danin Kahn will be speaking once again at All Energy Australia in 2018. Last year’s appearance filled out the room and prompted queues of spectators wanting to follow up at the end. Danin is the founder of Todae Solar and has always had a...
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Australian Vintage-Rooftop-Solar-Merbein

A Good Vintage for Commercial Solar

The latest editions to Todae Solar’s wine portfolio include Australian Vintage, who plan their sixth system with Todae Solar on their Pokolbin site, NSW, whilst Domaine Chandon plan their second in Victoria. The emphasis Australian Vintage place on corporate responsibility forms...
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Return of the Customer – Commercial Solar Attracts Returning Customers Looking to Further Reduce Energy Costs

Regardless of industry, businesses have felt the impact of energy prices in Australia over recent years. Energy has become a critical operational cost whereas a few years ago it sat towards the bottom of the list for most businesses. It is hardly a surprise therefore, that...
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