Todae Solar

CEC Best Installation Award 2015

Todae Solar has been selected by the Clean Energy Council as the recipient of the Best Installation Award (Systems 15kW-100kW) in 2015. This award adds to Todae Solar’s 2012 and 2013 Awards (while being a finalist in 2014).

The Award was for Todae Solar’s innovative 100kW East-West facing ground mount system for Malic Properties in Hampton, QLD.

The system is expected to generate approximately 155,000kWh’s annually.

Todae Solar’s Chief Engineer explained that “the facilities had a particular consumption curve with specific peaks of power at certain hours of the day. We analysed the consumption data and workflow patterns to have a clear overview of the consumption every hour and every day along the year, concluding that an east-west facing installation would minimise export, matching the generation with consumption and increasing efficiency.”


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